Gardens are a form of autobiography, art, and create joy. Live your life more fully through gardening.

Not only can you grow a beautiful garden for dirt cheap, but your garden can produce things to enhance your lifestyle for mere pennies. Aenne shows how to use what you grow to make gifts, household cleansing products, floral designs, and greeting cards. Gardens joyously and abundantly provide food. Learn how to make your garden lush,gorgeous, and productive. Peace of mind can even grow in a wee garden.

Like the Victory Gardens from yesteryear, your thrifty garden today can truly provide sustenance and style for your family and keep money in your pocket during these tough economic times.

What is a thrifty garden? It is a resource in your back yard to rescue you from the pinch of these difficult economic times. Discover the unexpected ways your garden can come to the rescue. Many luxuries, such as bath oil, and perfume, can be made from things you grow in your garden. Additionally, your thrifty garden benefits the environment, because often money saving care of plants equals a green way of fertilizing, and repelling pests.

Check in for gardening tips, money saving projects, and more. I welcome feedback on things you are doing in your garden to beautify your lifestyle.

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